After becoming an obnoxious health nerd, I found myself spending hours comparing the ingredients of food and supplement brands. I realized I should share my comparisons to save people time, and built this fairly boring site.

Each page has my suggestions for which brands I'd choose if consuming the product over the long term, with an eye towards avoiding unnecessary additives, heavy metals, and porcine brain tissue.

In spite of trying to look professional by putting on a tie, I don't have any formal education in health or medicine. The only time you should take my advice seriously is when I'm explaining why this is the best video on YouTube.


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P.S. On the 0.001% chance you run a WooCommerce store, I can probably help you fix problems with your emails.

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I also have a site about buying and interpreting your own bloodwork. Some say it features the finest kidney filtration animations they've seen in months.


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