Wi-fi router settings to lower EMF exposure

I suspect the effects of wi-fi on human tissue are mild compared to some other kinds of EMF sources (see the exposure models here and here). Also, I think it's prudent to think of wi-fi/EMF risks casually because there's decent evidence of a nocebo effect from fear of EMF fields (see here, here, and here).

However, I do see well-designed studies showing low-level biological changes (see here, here, and here for examples, or EMF Portal's study directory). That makes me conclude that it's reasonable to take simple steps to reduce the amount of wi-fi exposure in your home. The most direct method is to use ethernet cables to directly connect stationary devices to the router. For other devices, there are some relatively-simple changes you can make in many routers to decrease their output:

Disabling wi-fi while sleeping

Scheduling the router to turn off wi-fi automatically

Many routers have a way to turn off wi-fi on a predetermined schedule:

If you can't find a way to schedule wi-fi on the router itself, I can think of two additional ways to schedule:

Manually turning off wi-fi on the router

If the scheduling approach doesn't work, almost all routers will have an option to manually enable/disable wi-fi in their administrative interface. Some even have a physical button/switch to make that process easier, such as:

Disabling wi-fi on devices

Decreasing the wi-fi transmission power

Decreasing power on the router

Many routers will allow you to adjust the output power. The directions in the wi-fi scheduling area should help you get to the general area of the wi-fi radio settings. Look for a setting labeled something like "transmit/transmission/Tx power", and experiment with lowering it until your wi-fi performance is negatively affected.

Decreasing power on devices

On Windows computers, these directions may let you experiment with lower transmission power settings.

I haven't found a way to do the same thing on Macs or mobile devices.

Decreasing the "pulse" interval

I've only found one router that supports this feature, and it's fairly expensive. However, it's specifically designed to reduce wi-fi exposure and should make setup easy. It's from JRS Electro Health who makes custom software that runs on the standard Asus routers they provide.

Here's a helpful overview video of its features in action:

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions!

Estimating EMF exposure

I found this person's testing useful in estimating EMF exposure from various types of devices. It's focused on Apple devices, but I suspect it maps well to similar

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