Oleamide sources with the fewest additives

I've been experimenting with oleamide for its theoretical insomnia-fighting effects and the possibility that it counteracts serotonin's effects on respiratory drive during sleep. Examine.com has a useful roundup of some of its other effects.

Finding oleamide

This isn't my usual product-comparison page because I only know of one source for oleamide. Fortunately they seem like a good choice to me. Please let me know in the comments if you find other sources.

Suggested oleamide source:

Name Ingredients
Photo of LiftMode Oleamide (Powder)
LiftMode Oleamide (Powder)
Available on liftmode.com

Oleamide powder.

It looks like only the 20g size is currently available, but that's still enough for ~400 servings of a typical dose.

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