Bacteriophage product comparison

Comic of a bacteriophage trying to convince you to eat it.

I became interested in bacteriophages ("phages" for short) because of Danny Roddy's podcast with Ray Peat. In short, they're viruses that can eliminate particular strains of bacteria by specifically targeting them without affecting other cells.

There's a fun TEDx Talk if you'd like an overview of them. I particularly enjoyed her story of teenagers discovering new bacteriophages and getting to name them. At that age mine probably would've been named IAmPonderingATheoryThatCounselorTroiFromStarTrekProbablySmellsNice.

As best I can tell you can only get two types of bacteriophage blends in over-the-counter in the US right now, Please let me know in the comments if you know of any other varieties, the market seems to be developing quickly.

Products that appear to target the E. coli family

I think the Myoviridae + Siphoviridae blends in the following products are all targeted at varieties of Escherichia coli, possibly including E.coli K‐12, E.coli B, various ETEC strains, and a couple of EHEC strains.

I think Nutrivee is what I'd use for this purpose because it's relatively inexpensive and has comparably minimal excipients. Being overly cautious, I'd probably also open the capsules to avoid the hypromellose.

Arthur Andrew Floraphage

Dr Tobias Deep Immune Optimum Probiotics

Designs for Health PrePhage

Designs for Health Probiophage DF

Life Extension Florassist GI

Nutrivee Advanced Prebiotic

Probiotic America Perfect Flora


Seeking Health ProBiota BactriX

Systemic Formulas Eco-Virome Lq (formerly EC, I believe)

Products that appear to target the salmonella family

Systemic Formulas Sal-Virome Sl

Products targeting Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, Proteus mirabilis, Proteus vulgaris, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Enterococcus products

To my knowledge none of these are available OTC in the US, but here's a forum thread with people looking at Russian sources. I imagine these could eventually be approved for sale in the US.

And with Valentine's approaching...

...there has never been a better opportunity to confuse a loved one who's expecting jewelry:

Necklace resembling a bacteriophage
Bacteriophage necklace from the madhouse that is Etsy

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