Retinol (vitamin A) acetate/palmitate liquids with the fewest additives

I've been frequently asked about replacements for InterPlexus' NutriSorb A after it ran into production problems, but haven't had a good answer until recently. Now I know of two products that I think make good replacements. Both are liquids, which is a good way to supplement vitamin A for two reasons:

Both supplements are retinol esters. You can choose between retinyl acetate (also called retinol acetate) or retinyl palmitate (also called retinol palmitate), the form that was used in NutriSorb. I think either one is a good choice.

Recommended for a pure, economical, oil-based retinyl palmitate liquid:

Health Natura Simply A
Available on

Available at 2,500IU or 15,000IU per drop, with approximately 900 or 1,430 drops per bottle, respectively.

All ingredients:

Retinyl palmitate, MCT (medium chain triglycerides) from coconut oil.

Recommended as purest retinyl acetate in an ethanol solution:

The ethanol solution should be particularly good for topical application.

IdeaLabs Retinil
Available on

2,400IU per drop, approximately 340 drops per bottle.

All ingredients:

Retinyl acetate, ethanol (20%), distilled water.

In the UK?

BioCare has a retinyl palmitate option that looks good to me:


2,500IU per drop. BioCare told me that there are 545 drops per 15 ml bottle, at least for its previous incarnation as "Bio-A".

All ingredients:

Extra virgin olive oil, vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate), antioxidant (DL-alpha-tocopherol).

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