Urea/carbamide sources that meet US Pharmacopeia standards

Bear Grylls questioning his decision to drink urine.

I've been curious about taking urea powder as a supplement ever since hearing Ray Peat talk about how it works. However, for once I don't have a preference for the...uh...natural source, and decided to look for companies selling urea powder that meets the USP standard (confirming a low level of heavy metals, solvents, and possibly sterility).

Here's the companies I found. Some people have mentioned having luck with eBay, although I don't see any USP-grade sources there at the moment. I'm leaning towards just buying the first one, AMRESCO.

AMRESCO Urea High Purity Grade
Available on amresco-inc.com
  • Note the long shipping times (at least for Amazon, I'm not sure what happens if you order through their company site).
  • Certificate of Analysis available (assay purity: 99.0-100.5%, lead under 0.002%).
  • About $0.02 per gram depending on how much you buy (it actually gets more expensive at some of the larger quantities).
Health Natura Urea USP
Available on healthnatura.com
  • I'm waiting to hear back on my request for a COA.
  • About $0.09 per gram depending on how much you buy.
  • Intended for external use only.
  • A representative sample Certificate of Analysis is available. In this case it shows an assay of 99.4%, with heavy metals below 10PPM (probably the threshhold of the test).
  • About $0.05-$0.09 per gram depending on how much you buy.
Research Products International Urea UltraPure
Available on rpicorp.com
  • Intended for "research or further manufacturing use only".
  • Certificate of Analysis available (assay purity: 99.8%, heavy metals under 0.002%).
  • About $0.01-$0.06 per gram depending on how much you buy (Amazon currently only has the larger sizes).

I'm sure I've missed some companies, so please let me know in the comments if you've found other sources.

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