Resources for avoiding toxins

Here are some of the resources I think are helpful in addition to this site.

Learning more about what brands to purchase

US regional issues

Getting US products outside the US

Country-specific guides



Making your own supplements and household products

Here is a picture of a creepy jack-o'-lantern I made (in case you need one)

Creepy jack-o'-lantern

Other issues

Dental fillings


VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can be "off-gassed" by household products

Researching food, supplement, and medication ingredients

For a combined search of those four sites, enter the ingredient you're curious about here:

This thesis involving a possible "blending" action of small fibers/particles is a fascinating idea.

Learning more about the effects of a supplement

For a combined search of those three sites, enter the supplement you're curious about here:

Avoiding worrying too much about this health stuff

More topics and updates

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