Mole removal experiment


In the iconoclastic world of Ray Peat, moles and other skin conditions may be something the local skin tissue can "overcome" under the right conditions. This suggests that certain compounds might be able to "heal" moles rather than destroying them (such as with surgery/cryotherapy at a dermatologist or gradually burning them chemically as is common in the alternative-health world).

So when Haidut of IdeaLabs announced MelaNon, a topical product to address skin issues, I decided to do an experiment to test its effectiveness.

My regimen (once in the morning, once at night)

  1. Trace a drop of BioMatrix liquid DHEA (about 1.2mg DHEA) around each mole and let it dry.
  2. Rub a drop of MelaNon approximately the size of the mole into each mole.

Results after 63 days

I cranked up the brightness/contrast on these photos. I don't look quite so radioactive in real life.

Large-ish, irregular mole

This mole has some of the mole risk factors, so I'd suggest first seeing a dermatologist to check such moles (as I did).

Before After
Before picture of a large mole After picture of a large mole

I think this mole now has some normal skin slowly "encroaching" in from the borders, and it's texture seems more like normal skin now.

Smaller, less-risky mole

Before After
Before picture of a small mole After picture of a small mole

I think the color of this mole lightened, but I don't see any differences otherwise.

Cherry angioma

Just out of curiosity, I also did the same procedure (minus the DHEA) on a cherry angioma. I didn't observe any change (nor did I really expect to).


I'll probably continue this experiment on the larger mole, although I may drop the applications to once a day. I may also try Haidut's suggestion of combining the MelaNon and Estroban to see if it makes a difference.

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