EstroBan, a Vitamin A, D, E, and K "multivitamin" with no unnecessary ingredients

My preview bottle of EstroBan, sitting there like it owns the place.

Update 10/4/2016: I suspect that some kind of degradation occurs when mixing vitamin E and K, making me think it's preferable to take your fat-soluble vitamins separately if you don't mind the hassle.

I think personal investment is important in supplement manufacturing, so I was pleased to see a Ray Peat Forum member creating his own Vitamin A/D/E/K supplement.

Here's the entire ingredient list which avoids the unnecessary excipients common to other fat-soluble "multivitamins":

The container is, I believe, HDPE plastic (a good choice with regards to leaching anything).

It's only available in a liquid form, but the taste isn't too objectionable. If you've ever tried other vitamin E liquids (or progesterone in vitamin E oil), the taste is similar.

It's available from his web site:

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